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Choosing the right financial advisor
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12748057_10153506372082615_2678436572849716435_o.jpgIn these days of instant gratification, the emphasis is on avoiding the ‘middlemen’, even when it comes to the tricky task of planning your financial future. After all, why use a broker when you can access all the services and products you need at the click of a mouse button?


The answer is that it’s critical to plan properly for the risks and conflicts that may arise during your lifetime, and it takes a professional, registered financial adviser to do this. But how do you know that your chosen FA has what it takes? Below, we highlight a few must-have qualities:


  1. Ensure that the services and solutions offered by your financial advisor will go through a rigorous process of being vetted and approved by a group of highly professional individuals at the financial institution he/she works for. This enhances the value and effectiveness of the advice.
  2. Planning your future is a highly personal process and a lifelong journey, so having a relationship based on trust with a financial adviser is non-negotiable. You should be confident that the person you entrust with some of the most important aspects of your life is someone whose recommendations and financial insights you value.
  3. Your potential advisor should have a strong understanding of a wide range of disciplines to assess each option, and then use them to build a unique personal plan that will effectively lessen or protect against any future losses or crises.


It is the duty of a financial planner to help you make informed, responsible decisions about your future.


For more information, or to contact a financial advisor, go to

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hi am about to be retrenched now if i can get something that can provide with monthly income please help because JULY is my last month

Basetsana kodisang
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Hi, I'm Basetsana.  I want to know when will I qualify for a loan as I was having a 21months loan paid upto 12 months now

Buhle kunene
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Does Standard bank offer dedicated financial planners for an individual, e.g assist with monthly budgets, personalized products (Insurance, investment etc)



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My Name is Laurie Lee Wrede I reside in the USA.

I have been contacted by a Mr. John Vice representing himself as Head Corporate Banking Transactional Products & Services
Standard Bank Group Limited Jhb Branch South Africa and his client Ms Linah Mohohlo


I am trying to find out if this is for real or a scam.

Can you help?

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Oh, thank you for the helpful recommendations. My husband is also a businessman and he used the services of financial advisor to find a good investment solution. As a result, the specialist advised to invest in real estate and this was the best solution. Fortunately, my husband's business is thriving thanks to the professional help of a financial advisor.