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Introducing a series of educational cartoons, designed to empower our youth with knowledge
Community Coordinator

This new year, as children head back to school, we are reminded of our responsibility to create happier, healthier young South Africans.

That is why we are launching a series of educational cartoons aimed at South African youth, in which we will take serious subject matters and present them in simple ways that young people can understand.


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We will be discussing many of the issues that we devoted our social media platforms to in 2021. These issues are close to our heart, and we believe key to creating a better life for South Africans. We are going to step up efforts around making a difference, creating conversation, and offering more support around such issues, rather than forgetting them and letting them fall by the wayside in 2022.


These topics include financial fitness, as first explored in our October 2021 #FinanceFitSA content; #MentalHealthAwareness, an important and often overlooked area of health that we are committed to supporting; leading up to and most importantly of all, the continued battle against gender-based violence in all its forms.


While we rightfully dedicated November 2021 to the #HearHerVoice campaign in solidarity with our annual #16DaysOfActivism against GBV (Gender Based Violence), this year we intend to take this cause further and beyond just one gazette period annually.


You can expect to see cartoons focusing on these three subjects, which we believe have an impact on the lives of all young South Africans. We will be publishing cartoons on aspects of financial fitness such as saving, budgeting and making money; ones focused on various aspects of mental health that may be relevant to young people especially off the back of Matric results being released; and ones focused on highlighting issues linked to GBV in a way that is accessible to children and young adults.

Can we create a better tomorrow by working towards empowering young people to be healthier, happier and more successful?