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Online shopping made safer with Standard Bank and Shepherd
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Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, and it’s easy to see why: it’s fast and convenient, and the steady growth in our country’s broadbrand capabilities has made it much more accessible. However, along with the surge in popularity of online shopping comes a surge in online fraud, a crime banks and other businesses have taken action to combat at every turn.


Enter Shepherd, a new system that is powered and supported by us and RAM Couriers, respectively. This online shopping solution provides a secure purchasing platform by holding consumer payments in a trust, delivering the goods from the seller to the potential buyer, and finally releasing the money to the seller once the terms of the deal have been met. The system greatly reduces the risk of fraud and also opens up the market to buyers and sellers across the country.


A small transaction fee is charged for the service, but the benefits of financial security and peace of mind far outweigh this cost. It’s fitting that we would partner with such a service; we are committed to delivering secure, convenient and easy banking platforms to our customers.


To find out more about this service can help to enhance and secure your online shopping experience, visit


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 I tried to buy some stuff from (wish)- online shopping app, but I couldn’t 

could you please help and let me know how to complete it

thank you,

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Hi Lalo. Thanks for your comment. It would be best if you can get in touch with Wish customer support directly. We are not involved with Wish.

Tshimangadzo ndou
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Hi" I am writing to you today ,cause is been several months now after sending money request to the email address that I have used with Sheperd.Since then I am still waiting for my Magic check from the Gratitude bank of the universe.Sheperd asked me the matter, I explained everything to them,they promised me that they are going to consult them and find out why the check/money has not yet provided.