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Standard Bank, Microsoft and Samsung - a partnership to move you forward
Standard Bank Team
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In the spirit of Moving Forward, we want to give our Standard Bank South Africa customers the opportunity to be the first owners of Samsung’s new Ativ tablets, which is running the brand new Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems before anyone else in South Africa.

We’re proud to be part of the worldwide launch of Windows 8 but to add to our excitement (and we hope yours too) the Standard Bank banking app is the first South African banking app in the Windows 8 app store. This means we’re giving our techno –savvy customers exclusive access to this latest technology.

About the products:
Windows 8 is designed to provide a single, connected experience across all the devices people use in the modern connected world. It allows customers to use a tablet as a mobile device, then easily dock the device and have full keyboard and mouse support. Through its fast, fluid, and dynamic nature, it gives people a flexible and powerful experience to do their work. It will fit into your personal and business just perfectly.

The Samsung Windows Ativ tablet is designed for portability, with a width of just 8.9mm and weight of 570g. It has a 10.1” HD display, 2GB RAM and microSD memory capability. With Dual Screen for split screen viewing, a massive battery life, and flexible user modes, the Ativ Windows Tablet allows for maximum multitasking, productivity and efficiency.

The tablets can be purchased on the Standard Bank website by Standard Bank cheque or credit card holders (from tomorrow). They will sell for R6695, below the usual retail price of R7999, and will come with a free cover. There are a limited number available so be sure to get yours.

Standard Bank is also offering customers an ADSL service at a 15% discount through Internet Solutions. This includes access to 500 MB of free wi-fi traffic at any “always-on” hot spot around the country, a 1GB mailbox and a fax-to-email account.

Apply for yours here:

Doesn’t it feel good to move forward?

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The deal seems to be very good and I'm glad to see Standard Bank getting involved in these type of offerings to it's customers, however, the ATIV Tab is only WiFi enabled and cannot connect to the web on it's own via 3G. A pity, as unless you have access to a wireless network at home, work or a public network you can't use the SB app......
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I'm a Standard Bank customer for the past 18 yrs and traveled to Argentina in December. I noticed a Standard Bank branch in town. It made me feel at home.

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Are they seriously wanting to be taken as "serious" with this. There are better deals to be had online, FNB offers a monthly payment option from any account. Standard Bank has a total creativity block and loosing "high end" and "key" accounts more and more frequently now as a result of this. Surely they can come up with a better solution/offering. They have the deep pockets, they must be able to at least look like they are trying to compete with FNB. This is nothing other than a poorly executed marketing gimmick, that most intellectuals will see right through. Just because you are offering a product at a semi decent price, not the cheapest, and it happens to me a Microsoft OS, does by no means mean its a partnership :)
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Seriously I'm starting to worry that this was all a scam! Who is this DG Store supposedly handling the orders? I paid in full for my ATIV tablet but keep getting excuses when I follow up! Now it's going to take another 3 - 4 weeks after I ordered and paid already? Apparently Samsung is now to blame? Can we please get some feedback from a reliable source regarding this? Tired of working with Mickey Mouse fly by night vendors!Getting the feeling DG Store used my money for something else and cannot buy the stock now! :(
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor
Hi there,

Have you received your tablet yet?
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Good day, I ordered the Samsung Ativ Tab P8510 a couple of days ago and paid in full.

Please advise if the Tablet will be delivered to my house.