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Your Next Million winner profile - Sihle Khumalo
Community Coordinator
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“I never thought I’d win so much. I was aiming for anything. Honestly, I really would have been happy with just R10 000, the minimum. I thought, if I can just get 10, I’ll be fine.


My family cried when they saw me win one million on TV – they were that happy. And, you know, it’s the first competition I’ve ever won in my life. It’s like we’ve been given a second a chance, a chance to start again with a clean slate. I’ve paid off my bond, I’ve paid off all my debts, I’ve paid off all my wife’s debts – it’s amazing!


Now I’m doing something I’ve always dreamed of doing: I’ve started my own business. It’s a transport and logistics business. I bought a truck with some of the game-show money I won, and you’re going to see it pulling trailers all over Johannesburg, transporting containers, that sort of thing.


I always wanted to be my own boss, but most of all, I want to be able to provide for my family, especially for my kids’ future. If it’s successful, my business will let us thrive and maybe even help me empower my community.


What happened to us changed our lives forever. I feel great when I wake up.”

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