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FAQ’s – Lotto/Powerball Quick pick (Banking App)

1. How do I play Lotto on Banking App?


  • Login on the banking app.
  • Select “Buy”.
  • Lotto/Powerball landing screen.
  • Lotto/Powerball details (Choose options to play).
  • Lotto/Powerball review details.
  • Lotto/Powerball confirm details of the transaction.
  • An SMS will be sent confirming numbers played, draw date and a reference number.

2. What is the ticket cost?


  • The cost of a ticket is R5.00 for both Lotto and Powerball games.
  • If Plus 1 option is selected, a further R2.50 is paid.
  • If Plus 1 and Plus 2 option is selected, a further R5.00 is paid.

3. What are the fees?


• The fee we charge for 2019 is R2.30 per Lotto purchase transaction irrespective of how many boards are played. (A board is a set of 6 numbers).


4. Can anyone buy a Lotto ticket via Standard Bank mobile banking App?


Qualifying Criteria:

o You must be 18 years or older to play.
o You must be registered on the Mobile Banking App.
o You may only use a transactional or savings account. No credit card, loan account, sum1 account or business

account may be used.


5. Why do I need to confirm that I am 18 years and older to purchase a ticket?


• These are the Game rules and we need you, the account holder, to confirm that you are over 18 years old.


6. Why should I play Lotto and/or Powerball via Standard Bank mobile banking App?


  • No need to worry about keeping your physical ticket safe.
  • You can play from anywhere at anytime.
  • Buy a ticket and play it for multiple draws.
  • Standard Bank will advise you if you have won.
  • Your winnings <R50000 will be paid directly into the account you played from.

7. Can I cancel Lotto games played?


• Once transaction confirmed by the customer, the ticket purchase cannot be cancelled or reversed.


8. Notification and payout for winnings ≤R50000 should be managed as follows:


  • The bank will send you an SMS of the winnings within 2 business days after the draw.
  • The current SMS only contains: reference number, when winning will be paid, SBSA contact number.
  • The bank will pay winnings into the players account if the winning is ≤R50000.

9. Notification and claiming of winnings >R50000 should be managed as follows:


  • The bank will send you an SMS of the winnings within 2 business days after the draw.
  • The current SMS contains: reference number, draw date, instructions to Ithuba, Ithuba contact number, instruction
    on what documents to have when visiting Ithuba.
  • Go to the Ithuba office with the following information:
  •  1-month bank statement o Reference number
  •  ID document


10. Where are the nearest Ithuba offices?


• You can find more information on Ithuba’s Regional offices on their website


11. I got an error while playing, was my game successful?


  • You can call our Voice branch on 0860 123 000 to check if your game was successful or not.


12. When will the winning SMS’s be sent out?


• After 07:00AM, the morning after the draw.


13. What is the cut-off time before each draw?


• The draw is at 21.00 on draw days. The cut off time will be 30 minutes before i.e. 20.30. Any tickets purchased after this time will be for the following draw.


14. When are the Draws?


  • For Lotto and Lotto Plus1 & 2, the draw days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • For Powerball and Powerball Plus, the draw days are on Tuesdays and Fridays.


15. I have not received my winnings?


  • Call our Voice branch on 0860 123 000,
  • Provide the consultant with your ticket Reference Number
  • The consultant will advise you on status of payout based on information at hand,
  • The National lottery website on has guidelines on how the winning amount is
    determined based on the winning numbers.

16. What are the sales hours for Lotto and Lotto Plus?

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 06:00 and 22:30
  • Wednesdays & Saturdays (On draw days) between 06:00 to 20:30
  • Sundays between 06:00 and 17:30

17. What are the playing thresholds/limits for games on the mobile banking App?

  • For “Quick Pick Selection”→Minimum: 1 Board & Maximum: 10 Boards
  • Prepaid limit of R1,000 per day and R15,000 per month applies 

18. Are non-residents with SBSA accounts able to play?


• No, Lotto is only available to South Africans.

19. What restrictions are in place for under 18’s playing lotto?


• They cannot play.

20. What are the daily/monthly limits?


• You cannot play for more than R1000 a day or R15000 a month.


21. When I play Powerball Quick pick, the last number is sometimes a duplicate of one of the other numbers?


• In Powerball, the first five numbers are from 1 – 50, and the last number is from 1 – 20. This means there is always a possibility that the last number could be a duplicate of the first five numbers, if any number under 20 was selected.


22. How much does it cost to play (fees)?


  • The customer is charged a ticket fee by Ithuba (Powerball/Lotto ticket fee: R 5.00; Plus 1 or Plus 2 ticket fee: R 2.50 each).
  • We charge a transaction or service fee of R 2.30


23. Is this depended on EAP or ATM Withdrawal limit?


• ATM Limit is being used.

24. What cellphone number will be used to notify me?


• It will be the OTP/ MyUpdates cell number.


25. What is the “fee narrative” on my statement?


• “Fee: lotto purchase”


26. Is the fee inclusive of transaction or separate?


• The fee is charged separately, and will be reflected on the customer’s account statement as “Fee: lotto purchase”.


27. How many boards can I play in total?


• You can play up to 10 boards at a time, numbers are generated by the lotto system using Quick Pick.


28. Will i see the numbers that have been chosen for me on the app?


• No, you will receive a SMS confirmation of the numbers selected.

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New Member

I played lotto on my standard bank app but I didn't get a message of the numbers they picked of me. 


I,am trying to play lotto but it keeps on saying it has encouterd technically error try again later.

What must i do its been days.

Community Coordinator

Hello @Mashiyamahle,


Please advise if this is still an issue? If yes, please share the screenshots of the error message from your end. We would like to share this with our technical team for further investigation.


You can forward us your query here: [email protected]


Let us know should you require further assistance on this.




New Member

How do I select the account frome which the lotto money must be deducted 

Frequent Visitor

Question: Can you play lotto using the app while in a different country? It is only mentioned that notifications are sent via SMS. Would one be able to get the lotto numbers via email? 

Community Coordinator

Hi Lee27,


You can play the lottery in another country if you are using an Android device. If you are also roaming you are able to receive your SMS on your device. 

Frequent Visitor

I played powerball quick pick but I can't see my numbers is there something wrong?

Occasional Visitor

I played the lotto through the Standard Bank App and never recieved a message. 

Occasional Visitor

I played powerball and plus on the 27 Friday 2020, I played 3 draws for "QUICK PICK" option and I was charged R22. 50 for those 3 draws I had played but now I only received 1 draw, where are the rest of my numbers? Please assist.