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Rent control

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What about a little bit of heavy industry? Port of Ngqura and the motor industry. Do you think they are possibly unsustainable?
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Okay - Explain to me how the Motor Industry Investment Plan is not a direct subsidy? (The likes of which we have never seen in agriculture)& despite this our Motor Industry remains uncompetitive. Now as for Nqura (Coega for the non-Xhosa / San speakers)when will it fill up with investors? Still waiting for that smelter to arrive, still waiting for a lot of birds to land.... Nqura is simplay a facilitator for investment, apart from the construction & maintenance of the port. PE is far from CPT & Durban - not really connected by good rail links, expensive to export through due to passing ship frequency. PE will find its "Thing" but it still has a way to go before it does that. OMO
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Yip, pull the MIDP and there's no local motor manufacturing industry left. The component suppliers are declining by the day - SA has only 1 company left that manufactures pistons for example. Just follow Dorbyl's demise over recent years or Bell's fortunes. Has always been a colossal tax subsidised incentive scheme and despite that the VW's they export to Aussie are much cheaper there than here! As for "loosebolt" Erwin's energy intensive smelter folly, the less said the better...Coega is just another white elephant, much like the SWC stadiums.
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Beautiful AJT. Here in France I watched the French students protesting in the streets today. Their socialist system has programmed even these pubescent youths to take as much as they can from the system without putting back.Do they realise they will be paying for the pension foolishness for the rest of their lives. Socialism does not work in practice!
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I have plenty more to say, but I resign myself from this debate. As I said, did not want to turn this into a political forum.
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