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Cheaper or just offering value and next year?

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As we teeter on the brink of another interest rate increase - and of course with one eye over our shoulder at the US of A .. ( but having said this its probably all priced in ?) I am going out on the limb and saying provided the Feb budget holds and there is some SOE goodbyes being said ( in what ever form but read in " not my bag - SA taxpayer ") and the looney tunes don't upset the political apple cart - then I think that 2019 IS going to be a blindingly good year for equities here in SA.   The best part of this is that I (unlike those people who talk over each other on the US business news channels( alias Bedlam) and whose instant "picks" are never , repeat never referred to again - am here to be shouted at...


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Predicting the future is a mugs game and while your crystal ball may have magical powers I have no idea if you are right-my own observations are that dividends have been paid and in some cases increased marginally.some special dividends have been paid out-many companies have cash piles and those with debt appear to have been reduced over the last few years.I am buying happy in my ignorance of the future as many dividends paid are higher than I would receive leaving the money in cash-so I would argue that value exists in this current market and has for quite a while-capital appreciation does give you a feeling of confidence but it does mean that its more expensive to invest-I am not confident about capital growth next year-the level of corruption that exists is rather discturbing and depressing-to this end I am looking elsewhere for investment opportunities and living arrangements-a plan B for myself in semi retirement  

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