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I am sure everyone has been following the story of KPMG and their involvement with corrupt activities. The evidence is irrefutable, yet only 2 listed companies-Sygnia and Sasfin have so far had the guts to take corrective action. It is therefore incumbent on us, as shareholders, to start putting pressure on the companies that use KPMG services and that we are involved with, by firstly voting at the AGM against their re-appointment (ususally resolution no.2) and secondly, to vote against the re-appointment of those involved in the audit committee. It is perhaps, also encumbent on those of us that have some investments (RA's, pension) etc to put pressure on the money managers to vote likewise. I am dissappointed with corporate SA for not taking tougher action. All we have to do is look North to the UK to see the impact that corporate action had on Bell Pottinger. What are your thoughts?

Who Me Too'd this topic