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Economic outlook: A view on the second half of 2017

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We’re finally into the second half of 2017, however the first six months of the year have been a roller-coaster ride, marred by the following events:


  • South Africa was downgraded to sub-investment grade
  • The country is in a technical recession
  • Unemployment rate reached 27.7%

Underlying these events has been a great deal of political noise that is unlikely to calm down as we build up to the ruling party's elective conference in December.


Much like you, we were curious about what the next six months hold, so we at the Long Short Podcast, sat down with Standard Bank’s Chief Economist, Goolam Ballim. Ballim takes us throught the themes that will shape the direction we’re taking economically for the rest of the year and what events will set the tone for 2018.


Ballim also touches on the global landscape and where investors will most likely be looking for growth. Take a listen below.






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