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Standard Bank IT Graduates - Life in the engine room
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As an IT student, you’re probably wondering what exactly it is that you'll be doing with your skills in a bank. Well, the short answer is, pretty much anything an IT person can do; all IT roles have a place in Standard Bank. For the long answer, you’ll have to first understand how IT in Standard Bank is structured.

Think Formula One. There is a driver, whom we all see when he is racing and winning titles, and then there is the pit team, who make sure that the engine is working properly, the tyres are nicely treaded, the driver is comfortable and everything is screwed in as it should be. That’s exactly what IT does in a bank. It enables the businesses (race drivers) of Personal and Business Banking (PBB) and Corporate and Investment Banking to deliver services to their clients and customers efficiently and in a manner that helps the bank meet its objectives.

Now if you think of a pit crew, you think of tyre fitters, engine mechanics, and the like, and all these work together to get the race driver working at their best. It’s the same with IT in a bank. There’s PBB IT, CIB IT, GEF IT (Group Enabling Functions – these are functions that enable the PBB and CIB businesses) as well as Shared Services (such as security) In each function there are project managers, business analysts, data analysts, database analysts, database designers, system developers, app developers, testers, researchers, portfolio managers, and the list goes on. They all come together to design the system the business needs, build it, test it, deploy it and maintain it in order to meet the bank’s goals and objectives.

As you can imagine, problem solving and people skills are key in such an environment, as work is mostly project based where there is always a problem to be solved (efficiently!) and people to be understood and dealt with respectfully.

As a graduate you will get the chance to rotate through all these major areas of IT skills within the bank.
So the real question is, what’s your poison? If you’ve got mad technical skills, there’s plenty of room in the development and testing areas for you to flex your muscles on. If you’re not very keen on the technical side of life, and your strong point is managing people, processes and ideas, then you'll be perfect for project management or various kinds of analysis that happens within the bank.

Last but certainly not least, listen to Ashley Hourigan’s (2013 IT Graduate) words about one of the coolest things about working at Standard Bank IT: “I find it so awesome that at Standard Bank on Friday’s we leave our suits at home and work in jeans! Standard Bank really understands IT people!” Viva le Nerd!

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