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Standard Bank takes steps to provide financial relief and encourages use of digital channels.
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As South Africans continue to face challenges in dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are taking steps to provide some financial relief to some of our business and personal customers in the form of debt relief. We also encourage customers to consider digital banking as a preferred option to visiting a physical branch.


Debt relief for Small Enterprises and students


For our Small Enterprise customers (those with a turnover of less than R20 million) whose payments are up to date as at 31 March 2020, have been approved a 3 months payment holiday from 1 April to 30 June 2020 on their Business Loans. Repayment will be structured to capitalise on interest & fees. This is a an automatic adjustment later but there is an opt-out option. Click here for more information.


For our students we have also approved a payment holiday from 1 April to 30 June for our student loan customers who are studying full time. This will be at 0% interest and with zero fees. This is an automatic offer and no applications are required. Click here for more information.


Keeping everyone safe


The safety of our employees and customers is something that we care deeply about and we strongly encourage customers to use our suite of digital banking tools for their financial needs, whether this be from a personal or business perspective. Digital platforms provide an efficient, fast, safe and nearly instantaneous solution to many, if not all of your daily banking requirements, away from public spaces.


We encourage customers to manage account limits, make payments to local or international beneficiaries, settle traffic fines, download and send statements or apply for a personal loan from almost anywhere and at any time.


Some of the other digital features available to our clients include the options to:


  • Buy, send, store or spend foreign currency via the award-winning Shyft Forex App. The app’s features have been enhanced so that it is easier to track currency performance and movements.
  • Send money quickly and safely via Instant Money to 6 000 locations around the country and to anyone with a cellphone number.
  • Stay connected by accessing prepaid airtime, data and electricity via Standard Bank Internet Banking.
  • Increase contributions to an emergency fund, linked to an individual’s profile on the Standard Bank Mobile App

Our digital products offer ease and convenience, no matter where the person is located, and replace the need to visit a physical branch. During times like these, digital, contact free banking will help clients to carry on with their personal and business lives without disruption. Meanwhile, business owners do not have to leave their operations to tend to the financial aspect of their business such as purchasing electricity, paying staff, taking out a loan or managing limits on credit cards.


Some of the digital features available to our business clients allow for business owners to:


  • Keep their business moving by accessing liquidity or working capital solutions. Small and Medium Enterprise clients can apply for and receive a business overdraft of up to R6 million within three minutes by applying online here.
  • Ensure the lights stay on and the water keeps running at their operations by accessing prepaid services from municipalities such as electricity (of up to R3 000) online here.
  • Set up an online arm of their enterprise, where clients can purchase stock through our SimplyBlu e-commerce set-up solution. Access business-focused savings accounts that help to grow cash and work towards securing the future stability of the business.

Our representatives at the call centre will always be available to assist customers should they require advice or have specific questions related to their financial needs. This will likely see a higher volume of calls at call centres, and we are preparing internal systems for this eventuality. We continue toclosely monitor developments on Covid-19 both locally and abroad to ensure precautionary health measures are in place for our employees, clients and all our stakeholders while ensuring business continuity remains uninterrupted.

Occasional Visitor

Yet users with Debit Mastercard can not make purchases online. I don't know why this option was taken away and why people were lied to when creating an account for one. If Standard Bank wants to make a difference during a time of crisis then allow users with Debit cards to make unrestricted online purchases. 

Brandon Rhoda
Not applicable

If you really want to help, allow customers at least 2months payment holiday on vehicle loans and home loans.

D Coates
Not applicable

In respect of Covid - What is standard bank doing about hygiene and sanitisation of ATM's ? 

Nonku Twala
Not applicable

How do we communicate with you besides  me making a phone call coz you are not responding to my emails?

Ani Perumal
Not applicable

I phoned the call centre to request access to the funds in my fixed deposit account and was told that this MUST be done at a branch. Is this right?  I don't want to go into a branch if some other method is possible.

Arnold G
Not applicable

You tell people to use internet banking. I have been doing that for years. But you have blocked it - you want me to enter an OTP when logging on but the OTP never comes, even after many requests to resend. I think you will be liable for any charges resulting from late payments.

Josie Leigh
Not applicable

How can I email someone regarding a home loan? The [email protected] CONSTANTLY bounces back, and I am unable to make calls at this time 



Not applicable

I am an events manager as you can imagine I am not selling any events at this time, what is the bank doing for us in order to help, I have a homeloan and credit card and I am soon going to literally earning nothing. WE NEED HELP if we are to survive this horrid thing our banks are going  to need to reach out and help its clients. I have seen no effort as of yet from you to help us " the client" I called in the other day and was told I could take a morgage holiday for three months, thats great but if this hasnt nded by then I will default on a then increased monthly morgage at which point you will take my house from me, I have banked with you for 20 years and I have paid you lots of money as has many South Africans we need you now. 


Please tell me you are putting something together I wait with white knuckles and baited breath


Yours Truly 

South African Standard bank clients. 

Not applicable

How safe is it to use atm's at this time? we need your argent assistance.

Not applicable

Motor and home finance too please.

Not applicable

All the "online here" and "click here" links are not linked to where one can apply. Please advise

Kyle Brummer
Not applicable

What are you offering to commission only earners during this period? As well as customers who run their own business with other banks but have vehicle and asset finance with standard bank?

Roxanne Carter
Not applicable

Standard bank how is that helping us. Not only does small business suffer but we as the regular consumers also suffer.. We need a payment holiday from bonds and car loans to

Fiona Brown
Not applicable

How do self employed business owners like myself with a dance studio I cannot teach for the foreseeable future pay our cards etc? No teaching means little or no fees coming in. I also important pointe shoes and the Euro/ZAR cost has made ordering impossible plus I cannot get to sell as I cannot see potential customers. Is Standard Bank going to allow us time to pay our credit cards? In 2 weeks time no doubt Vodacom will cut me off and then lights and water. We need help, urgently. 

Newly Unemployed Travel Agent
Not applicable

Hopefully a holiday period will be offered for home loans and car finance.


Not applicable

We don't have a business loan but a home loan with Std Bank. There is currently bo money coming in and yet the loan needs to be paid...

Obvious msindo
Not applicable

I am unemployed and have a bond acc, the only income is from the rentals of people who are affected dearly by this situation, what will happen to me if i can not afford during this period?

Sean Gibson
Not applicable

Home loans and vehicle finanace holiday are not optional, you will be left managing a disasater if you don't... making more trouble for yourself than you are solving 

Chantel Macdonald
Not applicable

I am highly disappointed in the latest news that's been sent out by standard Bank... In the news it reads "Standard Bank offers holiday payment for Clients" so upon looking into this further it would seem it is just for students...what about the other loyal customers who are going to or have been placed on unpaid leave.... How will these families live with no sort of support from the banks..... We all in this together so surely this holiday payment plan should be on offer to everyone.......... Seriously standard Bank should rethink their stand on this..... 

Mpho Nche
Not applicable


How do home owners apply for payment relieve as well.





Janice welgemoed
Not applicable



What about home and car loans? Will we be able to take a holiday from this too? Both myself and husband are in the motor industry and will be on unpaid short time. I think it's only fair that this is done for home and car loan customers too

Not applicable

Why only selective payment holiday.


Every single client of Standard Bank should receive some form of payment holdiday relief, home loans, car loans, student loans etc.


Those already living on the bread-line are battling horribly due to the current virus outbreak! They too need payment relief! 

Akesh Sookdeo
Not applicable

We require assistance from the banks to whom which have been loyal customers over the years and which have profited much from us. In this time off need, I think banks should step in and assist us businesses. Been an event hiring company, all events have been cancelled and there is no source of cash flow at the moment, yet we have warehouse rent, staff wages, vehicle finance and also honor our accounts with suppliers. The virus spread has taken a major toll on all of us especially in the entertainment industry. I trust that the banks will step in and assist or else we will be facing a major unemployment rate and alot of medium to small businesses shutting their doors to survive. This will also result in, banks losing many of their customers due to small to medium business enterprise closing their doors and closing bank accounts, leaving debts of overdraft, vehicle finances etc.  I think i speak for everyone in the event hiring industry, facing the same crisis. 

Kamroonesa ismail
Not applicable

What about personal loans and credit cards don't we get a reprieve for three months 

Sanjeev Maharaj
Not applicable

Very misleading title with lots of exclusions. Am in the process of applying for a homeloan can't get ahold of people no-one answers mails. Also how about clients with personal loans and credit cards, don't we qualify for any assistance? Are we not clients or people as well?

Liz Cunningham
Not applicable

Just received this message via sms. So does this now include home loans, car loans , credit cards etc and not just student loans?


Standard Bank: To assist you through these challenging times due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have approved a payment holiday from 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2020 on all your up to date loans. Interest and fees will still be charged and capitalized. Some criteria do apply and there is an opt-out option. For more information visit

Antonio de Freitas
Not applicable

I neerly cried of relief when I got the sms from Standardbank, I thought atleast one of my worries is less with a bit of payment relief. But now I am really crying with frustration. Why only help small Bussinesses and students. We the home owners are in desperite need of help. We are on forced unpaid leaf till further notice with no means of income. How are we going to contiuesly keep on paying our home and vehicle loans whith no income what so ever. And it is not that we choose to be in this situation. We desperately nee help too. Please considder granting payment relief for home loans as well.

Nicole Tobias
Not applicable

Hi there


I want to close my savings account - can we do this without coming into a branch now?


Thanks, Nicole

Not applicable

Your sms was completely deceiving, what about home owners?!?!?!?!?

Pieter Jordaan
Not applicable

What about personal loans, overdrafts, credit cards revolving credit plans etc. Why only small businesses and students?

Carol Mitchell
Not applicable

Your sms is very misleading, regarding payment holiday. What about our homeloans? 

Frances Kierman
Not applicable

Hello Standard bank, after receiving your sms a couple hours ago.. I was hoping this includes home loans?? 
but no mention of that in the link. Clarity please!! 
As a small business owner we will need your help to get through this!! 

Not applicable

What a pity that during a time like this, Standard Bank would send an intentionally misleading message to seemingly all customers with the critical  information 

"we have approved a payment holiday from 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2020 on all your up to date loans" whilst deciding to hide the truth that this does not apply to the vast majority of Standard Bank customers in fine print that you have to go search for on their site. 

Surely Standard Bank could have sent this to only the applicable customer database? 

In very poor taste considering the current situation. 

Standard Bank deserves all of the negative sentiment it receives as a result of this insensitive attempt to mislead. 



Loyal customer
Not applicable

As a loyal bondholder, and single mom... In a time like this I am hoping that you will relieve people like me too with a 3 month holiday. It will be of great help

Not applicable

This is super messed up... Students gets a payment holiday what about all the other people that has loans or credit cards that needs to be paid... Some of us are on short time some of us lost our jobs in this time.. We won't even make ends meet until this epidemic is over.. Does this mean we will then fall in arreas with our debt?  Super frustrating and super angry.... 

Ebrahim Mia
Not applicable

This is utter rubbish!!! How does business and students get relief but the home owners with bonds far supercede the amount of money banks make off us! The color of the money is the same! Standard Bank you sent me the SMS with the relief of 3 months then another SMS saying only for business and students...well I'm taking the first SMS as it was sent to my number and everyone who received it should DEMAND you honor it!!!

Not applicable

The effort of Std bank is progressive, however it is unfair to provide relief to those two categories. I am a Client of Std bank for 34 years. We are all going through the same pain. Many small businesses are much better off than public servants. Provide the same relief for all your clients or face a client back lash. Please reconsider. 

Not applicable

Standardbank is wise hey,,they know more money is made from personal accounts,loans,homeloans,Rcps,car loans e.t.c hence they opted for helping only students and business clients,,how many students have student loans with Stdbank? Few,,They say those who still "studying"obviously if you still studying you not paying the capital you only expected to pay back the interest until you complete your studies then you start paying the loan capital,,how many businesses with such turnover?20m😒only very few,so this relief will cover very feeèeew clients I tell you,so for me this is not a "relief"ayi,we are wise we see this things 

Vernon slippers
Not applicable

I agree .std bank is very clever . They do not help their loyal clients   . They will milk us dry. 

Denise Bonnelle
Not applicable

What happens to Standard Bank clients who are out of jobs due to Cioronavirus?  Are we going to be afforded 3 months payment holiday on our personal loan repayments?

Not applicable

Hi, i would like to find out on home loan, you are not providing financial holiday also? 

Debbie Louw
Not applicable

Cant we get a holiday payment on credit cards as well during this Covid epidemic. It will really help a lot

Michelle Govender
Not applicable

Hi, it is rather misleading to say payment holiday for all up to date loans and then on you or website, mention only SME and student's.


Home owners should be considered . Loans, over drafts, credit cards , vehicle finance all should be treated the same.

Not applicable

Standard bank is disgusting!! I have a car loan and really can't wait to finish it so I don't have to deal with this bank. Emails bounce, calls not answered, no concern for their clients. Unprofessional service. I.suggest everyone change banks asap.once thrndist has settled!! Thru don't deserve us faithful clients


I'll celebrate when I'm done with them! 

Not applicable

What is Standard bank doing for its staff during the COVID19 pandemic? All working from home or just departments being split, in order to ensure their are always people working. So much for helping your people! 

Lerato Mafahlane
Not applicable

I have been with StandardBank for 19 years I have an overdraft personal loan and 2 credit cards VAF and car Insurance I have applied for consolidation you have declined it your reasons are I'm over committed yes you are right I am paying standard bank almost R17000 every months that's exclude home loan what must I do now please advise. I know that I'm liable for my finances so must I go to another bank?? 

Not applicable

Standard Bank talks about relief for students and small businesses. This morning I woke up to find my loan debit order came off and I didn't get paid yet. I have money in my account but today is not my debit date and I didn't get my salary for March yet. Seems like the bank is looking after their own interest first. 

Not applicable

What about the normal loans i dont think this is fair.. Small business and students get looked after but us who have personal loans get overlooked. At least give us two months debt relief. 

Not applicable

Eish..I should have known not to do business with a bank who gives u 7 cents (3x2 cents +1 cent) change wen making a cash payment at their tellers. It was hilarious at the time...and to say I was gobsmacked is an understatement. 

Not applicable

If you really care about your valued customers and want to lend a helping hand give us 2 months payment holiday for home loans and vehicle finance also