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Swipe the easy way with our Cheque and Debit card
Standard Bank Team
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It’s Monday morning and *Sbu rushes out of his res room, with his backpack on one arm, Filofax and apple in one hand, and a gym bag in the other. He rushes down the stairs to catch the bus; he can’t be late for his early morning class.

While on the bus, it suddenly dawns on him; he needs to buy a textbook for his 8am class but has no money in his wallet. The nearest ATM is on the other side of campus. There is no way he’s going to make it before his class starts if he has to get cash.

He says to himself: “ I hope they accept Cheque and Debit cards.”

At the bookshop, there are long lines with other eager students, but a welcome sign reads: “We accept Cheque and Debit cards.” What a relief! He swipes his card, signs the slip and makes it to class in time with all the necessary textbooks and course material.

Why a Cheque and Debit card

Students’ carrying large sums of money on campus is never the best idea. There is the risk of losing your cash, being pick-pocketed or having it stolen from your bag. Standard Bank’s Cheque and Debit cards makes it easy for students to make purchases, be it school books or lunch at the student centre.

With a Debit and Cheque card you can also withdraw cash at a till, make account payments, get prepaid top-ups and pay for some online purchases.

Plus, swiping your Cheque and Debit card three times or more this month puts you in the draw to win a year’s worth of petrol, airtime or groceries.

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