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Business of the week profile: Equilibrium solutions
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

Standard Bank South Africa’s small business lending unit has been rocking the airwaves recently together with 94.7 Highveld stereo.

Apart from relaxing the lending requirements to allow our customers to be able to get business loans and further their dreams and entrepreneurial ambitions, Standard Bank has been working with 94.7 on a competition called: Business of the Week. The requirement is simple, if you own a small business and you think your business is thriving, innovative and worth a mention; send in a video telling us all about your business.

This week’s winner Richard of Equilibrium Solutions was over the moon and said it was an honour and privilege for his business to be named Business of the week.

He said, “It is encouraging to have other people affirm that my business has value to offer. Promotion is one of the hardest things for a start-up, and being recognized and associated with such strong brands as 94.7 Highveld Stereo and Standard Bank is very valuable for the Equilibrium Solutions and Vitals© brands.”

His business was formed out of a need to educate individuals and organisations on the damaging effects of unmanaged negative stress.

“Excessive stress impacts a person’s ability to function optimally – it reduces productivity, decision-making, creativity and mood, as well as increasing the incidence of physical illness, “ he says.

He started his business after he suffered a burn out while working in a high-pressured position. He resigned and started writing his book a “Life less lived” to try and raise awareness about how damaging unmanaged stress can be especially among men who tend not to talk about these things.

It was while doing the research for his book that he found out a lot about stress, burn out and depression and was surprised that he hadn’t been taught this. This is when he saw the gap in the market and noticed the need for such education. It could save lives and bring about healthy living.

Since the inception of his business, Richard has been working with various organisations in South Africa by running workshops on managing stress.

In the next five years Richard sees his business reaching more people globally. “The more people we can reach the greater the positive impact we can have,” he concludes. For more information about Richard’s business visit or

For more information about the Business of the Week competition