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What’s behind our Internet content breaks
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

We have been experiencing issues with our site for a number of weeks now.

Although substantial performance testing was undertaken on our test environment, the breaks that we are currently experiencing were not apparent during the testing phase.

We have identified some customized code as the source of the problem when there is increased user load and this is currently being rewritten. In the interim, it is not feasible to revert to a previous version of the content management system due to the amount of time that has elapsed from the previous implementation.

The break has not affected any of our secure online transactional services as these do not use the same technology. They remain secure and functional and can still be accessed via the home page

We are sorry you have not been able to always use the site as intended. We do remain committed to providing Internet sites and know that our technical team and governance is among the best.

Please do call our customer contact centre in South Africa on 0860 123 000 if you are looking for information on a product or service and content on the site is not available.