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did anyone watch Alec Erwin getting grilled on BBC World? I know its a touchy subject but it was good to see someone raise all the questions that a normal south african would be told to get out of the country for asking. Not sure what the rest think but I dont feel he painted a very bright picture to the international community. Typical Government spokesman trying to dodge all the questions..
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Caught only part of it - methinks that "a politician remains a politician" no matter which party,which country,which ideology they stem from.
To really make a difference a politician has to be willing to be bold which implies stepping forward to be counted.
This then goes against the party line & is deemed radical & the person will either step down or be pulled back in line with the party's overall thinking.
Whilst democracy is great, this is one failing in the system, but no better alternative has ever yet surfaced.
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But a "one-party democracy" is an improvement for those with snouts in. And with our revered constitutional court blessing floor-crossing to hoover up any strays, fings ain't gonna change soon. Alec was quite fluent, and very loyal (almost obsequious) to his boss - did you hear how he cranked the PRESIDENT Mbeki thing when the interviewer referred to him by name only? And very teflon at ignoring the direct question about Telkom shares to the elite.
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Personally, I felt he was very well spoken, and fair in his responses. I felt proud to have him represent SA. Sure, I dont agree with everything, and I have my own opinions, but none-the-less I think the media always puts spin on things, and come on, you cant expect a member of the executive to tell you whether who is going to vote for! That was just naive and opportunistic of the BBC reporter. Well done Alec!
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