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Standard Bank managers making derogatory Facebook comments

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On 31/12/2018 my wife made the following joke post on Facebook:
Ons fireworks het nat gereën. Kan ek dit droogmaak in die oond? 😁😀

A person by the name of Marius Lacante, who calls himself "Head Operational Risk, Personal and Business Banking Credit, IT and Operational Shared Services @ Standard Bank" made the following reply to my wife:
Hoop dit blaas in jou fokken gesig op commin dwis (Translated: I hope it explodes in your face you common **bleep**)
He later deleted his posts after I confronted hem, but I still have all the screenshots.


Is this common practice for Standard Bank managers to talk to people like that in a public forum? I really thought they were held to a higher standard?


I would like to know where I can report this. 95% of the people on the post took it as a joke, but this one reply by Marius really stood out and my wife experienced it a very hurtful. 


Where can I report this?

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Community Coordinator

Hello @Mornelius,


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Please note that Standard Bank does not tolerate any offensive behaviour from any staff member towards our customers or any members of the public. We would like to investigate this matter further on our side and feedback to you.


Kindly share with us an email with details/links to [email protected] for us to investigate. Alternatively should you wish to remain anonymous you can access our whistle-blowing desk on [email protected] or  contact us here: 0800 113 443.


Let us know should you need further assistance on this.






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