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settlement quote

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Hi. Can I please get a settlement quote on my account number 222705740004.

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Hello @DirkieHond,


Please be advised that if you need a settlement quote on an Personal Loan, Credit Card or Home Loan, you can contact our customer care on 0860 123 000 in order to be assisted accordingly. Should be perhaps seek a settlement quote on your VAF asset, kindly note that you are able to get it through the mobile banking app provided that your VAF account has been linked to the app. In order to add the VAF tile onto your app, Kindly;


  • log onto the app and tap on "More" at the bottom of your screen display,
  • Tap on "explore products",
  • Tap on "Vehicle and Asset Finance" on the display, as well as under "personal vehicle" on the follow up screen,
  • Tap on "Add to dashboard".

Once you've added the tile, you should be able to see it on your homescreen. In order to proceed with getting a settlement quote;


  • Tap on the respective "VAF" tile,
  • Under "Pay off your loan", tap on "Get settlement quote"


Kind Regards,




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