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What is SnapScan?    

How do I pay with SnapScan?     Open the SnapScan app, tap on “Scan” and scan the SnapCode displayed at the shop. This identifies the shop and prompts you to enter the amount you wish to pay. Enter your PIN to secure and complete the transaction. The merchant receives an SMS containing a confirmation of payment from SnapScan.


What is a SnapCode? 

A SnapCode is a QR code (a square barcode) that is linked to a merchant SnapScan account. Customers use the SnapScan application to scan the code and then enter payment details (amount and PIN) to facilitate a payment to the merchant.


What is a Merchant?  

A SnapScan merchant is any shop or business that has registered an account with SnapScan to receive payments from customers using the SnapScan application.


Is SnapScan safe?     

SnapScan is safe to use. The app requires a PIN every time you wish to make a payment so a stranger does not have access to your bank account through SnapScan. Also, if your phone is stolen, your card details are hidden from view so the thief will not have access to your card details.


Why is it safe?           

Snapscan is safe to use on multiple levels: The app requires a PIN to be entered before any transaction can be completed. This prevents anyone who has possession of your phone from making transactions, as your PIN should be known only to you. Your card details are encrypted and kept safely and securely on your phone. Even if your phone is stolen, nobody will be able to see or access your card details.


Can I use multiple cards?      

This feature is not currently available but we are working on making it available as soon as possible.


Do I need to change my account?     

You can use SnapScan with any existing bank account as long as you are in possession of a card linked to your account that is capable of making online payments.

What if I’m not with Standard Bank?       

SnapScan works with any Visa or MasterCard issued by any South African bank.


What’s an app?          

An app is a program that can be downloaded and used on a smartphone from the smartphone provider’s app store.


What phones does it work on?          

Apple iPhones, smartphones that run Android and most BlackBerry’s. Windows phone, the new BlackBerry (Q10/Z10) and feature phones are not currently supported.


How much will SnapScan cost me?   

SnapScan is free to download (excluding data charges). There are no fees involved for a customer who pays using SnapScan.


Why should I use SnapScan rather than my card?   

SnapScan is safer and more convenient than using your bank card. When you use SnapScan, you keep your bank card safely in your wallet or even at home, and simply use your phone to pay for things. This means there is less chance of your card being lost, stolen or skimmed.


Do I still earn points on my card?     

Yes you still use points for making payments on your card. Your card will be charged by SnapScan so you will not earn special points at specific merchants (for example uCount rewards at Incredible Connection).


Can I use a debit card?         

It depends. If the debit card is a MasterCard or Visa card and has a CVV number on the back and is enabled for online payments, then it will work with SnapScan. Many banks automatically disable debit cards for online payments. You may need to contact your bank’s card division to enquire further.


What if it’s a foreign card?    

Foreign credit/cheque cards are currently disabled for use with the SnapScan application.


Can I use it internationally?  

SnapScan is currently limited for use in South Africa only.


Which card types does it work with?

Visa, MasterCard


Where can I use it?   

You can use SnapScan to pay in shops that have registered as a SnapScan Merchant and have a SnapCode displayed. You can use the Merchant finder feature inside SnapScan to find merchants in your area.


Can I use it in big stores?

(PnP, Clicks, Woolworths) SnapScan is not currently available in large retailers (“big stores”) but we are busy working with them to make it available.


How long has this product been on the market?      

SnapScan has been in use in stores since June 2013.


Must I open my camera to scan the code? Must I take a photo of the code?

No. Simply download and register for SnapScan on your phone. When you want to pay you open the SnapScan application and tap on “Scan”. This will open your phone’s camera and SnapScan will recognise the SnapCode.


What if my battery dies?       

SnapScan needs battery power to work. You will need to charge your phone to be able to use SnapScan or use an alternative method of payment.


What if there is no internet reception?         

SnapScan will not work without internet reception. If there is intermittent connection or connection issues, SnapScan will handle the issues and only allow payment to go through if the transaction has been processed successfully.


What if I lose my phone / my phone is stolen?        

If you lose your phone it is suggested that you cancel the card linked to your SnapScan application and remote wipe your phone (you should have tracking and remote wipe features activated on your phone)


Must I use my bank card PIN code? 

You may choose any 4 digit PIN for SnapScan but we recommend you do not choose your existing bank card PIN.


What if I forget my PIN?       

Open the application, click on Menu > Account Settings > Reset Profile. This will delete your details from SnapScan. You will need to register and link your card again.


What happens if I pay the wrong amount?  

If you pay too little, you simply make an additional payment to make up the full amount. If you pay too much, you need to ask the merchant to pay you back the excess amount. Merchants can also log a support ticket with SnapScan to initiate a refund.


Can the payment be intercepted?     

No. The SnapScan app uses secure channels between the bank and the communications cannot be “hijacked” or compromised by hackers.


What happens if I have an issue with regards to a SnapScan transaction?

Contact SnapScan via email at [email protected] immediately and explain exactly what happened. We will investigate and follow up with you.


Can I pay a friend with SnapScan?

You can only pay businesses registered as SnapScan merchants.


Is there a limit to transactions?

Customers have variable limits based on the transaction history. Please contact [email protected] for more detailed information on your limits.


Do merchants have access to my details?   

We do not share your personal information with merchants unless they need it to identify you for proof of payment. We do not share information with merchants for marketing purposes.


Can merchants charge me?   

No, only you can verify a payment with your PIN. Merchants do not have access to your card or banking details when you use SnapScan.


Can I reverse the payment? 



Can I do online payments?    

Not yet.


What are the benefits from using the app?  

SnapScan is safer than dealing with a card or cash. SnapScan has cool features like electronic receipts and a merchant finder. You keep your card and your details away from strangers/businesses. You don’t have to bother with cash.


Do I need to be on WIFI to download the app?       

No. If you do use your cellular data, the SnapScan app is only less than 5 MB in size and each transaction uses very little data (kilobytes).


Where can I find more information? 

On the website at


How do you make money out of this?          

SnapScan is completely free for users to download and it does not cost the user to make a transaction. Note: Network operator data charges will apply. Businesses registered with SnapScan pay a small fee (3% of the total amount) to accept a payment from a customer.


How do I delete my account?

Open the application, click on the menu, account settings, reset profile. This will delete your details from SnapScan.


Do you give the information to anyone?    



Are you going to send me information?        

We will send you a newsletter from time to time to let you know of exciting new developments regarding SnapScan. You can easily unsubscribe from this email by clicking the link at the bottom.


How do I know the right amount is taken out of my bank account?           

You receive a receipt of the transaction in the SnapScan app for each payment you make. You may also receive an SMS from your bank when your card is charged, depending on how your account services are configured with your bank. If you do not receive an SMS please contact your bank and ask them to enable this functionality, if possible.


How much data does SnapScan use?

SnapScan uses very little data, less than 1c per transaction.


What do I do if I get a new phone?  

If you get a new phone you should delete SnapScan from your phone and then download it and register it on your new phone.


What do I do if I get a new card?     

Change your payment details inside the menu > Account Settings


Which card must I use?         

You can use any Visa/MasterCard that belongs to you that you would like to use to pay. The same as paying with a card.


How often can I change cards?        

You can change your card 3 times a month.


How many times can I put in my PIN?         

If you enter your PIN incorrectly 10 times in a row your SnapScan application will be locked. You will need to delete your account and link your card again.


How do I send proof of payment?    

SnapScan automatically delivers proof of payment to the merchant by SMS.


Is SnapScan a Standard Bank product?        

Yes. SnapScan is owned and operated by Standard Bank.


Can I use SnapScan to draw money?



How do I download SnapScan?         

Go to on your phone or search your app store for SnapScan.


Can you query a transaction on my account?          

You can contact us at [email protected] if you wish to query a transaction.


I have a problem with my phone memory full no data camera broken.     

You will need to resolve any phone related issues yourself or contact your cellphone provider.

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Hi there, I am trtying to organize a snapscan payment system for my small business

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When will the Windows Phone 8/10 app be ready?
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Any update on the snapscan app on Windows Phone 8/10?

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The technical team is working on this. Please be on the lookout for the announcement once it is available on Windows..



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